Jimmy with Mac in New Orleans

From John: As I’m sure you’ve heard, Jimmy played Margaritaville in New Orleans with Mac McAnally last night. The show was great, Jimmy’s mom was there, he was really having fun being Mac’s band. He came out on like the third song, but just played and sang back up for a while. The set list contained mainly Mac songs and songs Jimmy and mac wrote together. The set list was something like this: (i’m not sure at all on the order, and i may have left one or two out. this is what i remember).

Jimmy will probably stop by again at tonight’s show.

1. It’s a Crazy World
2. Pot top Hop
3. ??
4. Looking Back
5. Semi-True Stories
6. Presents to Send You
7. Wino and I know
8. In the City
9. Miracle
10. When the Coast Is Clear
11. It’s My Job
12. The Ass and the Hole
13. Gentleman of Leisure
14. Oysters and Pearls
15. Southern Cross