Alpine Valley Show Review

Here’s part of a review of the June 2nd Alpine show submitted by a fan:

Jimmy was “on” from the opening song and looked very happy to be in Alpine once again. His voice was strong and was hitting his full range. Mac was back and Jimmy appeared to have his, (as he called him later) “his friend” up here. Three notable acts occurred; the first was late in the show Jimmy grabbed a beer stein hat from the audience and played with the hat for a while. Then later someone threw a shark hat on stage and we wore that while he played Fins! Finally on the intro to Gypsies in the palace Jimmy forgot part of the poem, it was quite hysterical. I give him a 10 for his recovery on that one.

The final encore was “He Went To Paris” and was filled with emotion. This emotion on his face really summed up the evening for everyone including Jimmy, what a great singer songwriter and head parrothead who really loves all of this, as he calls it “nonsense”.

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