Margaritaville Restaurant In Chicago?

Talk has begun for a possible Margaritaville restaurant in the entertainment district of Rosemont (near Chicago): “Margaritaville Restaurant In Rosemont?

Representatives from Margaritaville, the laid back-themed restaurant of singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett, recently met with Mayor Brad Stephens about bringing an operation to Rosemont.

“It was a good meeting,” said Stephens Wednesday. “They like this area.” Stephens met with the restaurant representatives for lunch in Rosemont two weeks ago.

Stephens and Rosemont are working on plans to create an entertainment district along the east side of the Tri-State Tollway south of the Muvico Theater. Numerous ideas have been considered including a waterpark which Stephens Wednesday said has been scrapped. Should a Margaritaville Restaurant open in Rosemont it would likely be located in the entertainment district.


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