Captain Tony’s Failing Health, New Book, & Benefit

From Couganata: My friend who orginally shared the news about the possible closing of the Chart Room Bar sent me and email about her latest visit with the Capt. and his new book, failing health, and upcoming benefit.

I came from visiting with Captain Tony last night. He still has an amazingly strong spirit, but as one would expect for a 92 year-old man, his health is failing. He is very excited about a new book on his life that has just been released. It’s called “Life Lessons of a Legend” by Brad Manard, and is available at He gave me a copy of the book last night. I haven’t read it yet, but it’s got some great photos and I hear it’s excellent. Captain Tony plans to have a book signing at Captain Tony’s on October 28, during Parrothead week here (Meetings of the Minds).

Also on October 30 there is supposed to be a “Share the Love for Captain Tony” fund-raising event at Rick’s bar on Duval Street. Captain Tony sold his bar years ago and gets none of the profits from it. As you can imagine, he has had extensive medical bills over the past year, and he and his family needs the support.

Many thanks for your help!


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