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Oct 27

From an article at ABC Action News: “Barack & Buffett in Tampa?

ABC Action has learned Barack Obama is planning a last minute visit to Tampa, days before the Presidential election. Obama is expected to appear with superstar musician Jimmy Buffett.

It is another sign of Tampa Bay’s importance to the Presidential race. Obama’s scheduled visit comes just two days before election day.

A Tampa spokeswoman for the Obama campaign said she has not been informed of the visit. However, according to an email obtained by, employees at the Ford Amphitheatre have been told to prepare for the visit this coming Sunday, November 2nd.

From the original e-mail: “Hello every one I just wanted to give you a heads up there has been a new event added to the schedule at the Ampitheater, It will be on November 2nd It is the Barack Obama rally with Jimmy Buffett performing not sure of all the details just yet. But we wanted to get an e-mail out to start recruiting employees, Their are over 15,000 tickets reserved and expecting another 5,000- 7,000.”

written by phjim

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