BuffettNews mentioned in Nadirah Shakoor Article

The Chicago Sun Times has an interview with Nadirah Shakoor on her new album: “Shakoor For Sure (Arrested Development, J. Buffett)

…Buffett and Shakoor had talked about doing a solo record for years. “I do solos in his shows and the response is cool,” she said. “I’ve built up a fan base of my own amongst his fans. Of course, he had like 300 to 400 (of his own) songs to choose from. It was overwhelming. Instead of listening to all of them, first I went to his daughter Savannah and asked what she would suggest.”

Savannah Jane Buffett, who hosts a radio show on the online station Radio Margaritaville, gave Shakoor a list of about 28 songs. That list was taken to Buffett, who refined the slate. Shakoor said, “Then I went to one of the Parrott head sites—www.buffettnews.com/ (the web’s largest Jimmy Buffett website) –to ask fans to tell me what songs meant something in their life and why.” Besides “Margaritaville,” the Buffett covers include “Creola,” “Makin’ Music For Money” the beautiful La Vie Dasante,” and “Volcano.” Buffett and Shakoor eloquently duet on Buffett’s “Son of a Son of a Sailor.”

But Shakoor also picked a soulful ringer like Art Neville’s “Why You Wanna Hurt My Heart” because the oohs-and-ahs-backgrounds reminded her of the Four Tops. “I know it sounds silly, but that’s why I chose it,” she said. “At first I didn’t realize it was an Art Neville song. (It also has been covered by Buffett). Once I found that out we added a New Orleans flavor, but Mac (McAnnally, producer) is from Muscle Shoals (Ala.) so we added that R&B flavor too.”

Nadirah Shakoor’s new album “Nod to the Storyteller is available at Amazon.com


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