Buffett Performing in the Caribbean

Some reports on the BN discussion board have mentioned Jimmy Buffett has been island hopping and peforming at the Margaritaville Cafes in Cozumel on Tuesday and the one on Cayman Islands on Thursday with Nadirah Shakoor and Mac McAnally. The Caymanian Compass has a photo of Jimmy performing at the Cayman Margaritaville.

From Dokken88: YEEEEHAW, he was there and I was right next to him. Got a guitar pick, the set list. He even talked to me!! What a way to start the New Year. Shook Mac’s hand, my other half shook Jimmys to. He played a very SYKBH friendly set and I would say 75% of crowd had never seen him before. I had to coach the people next to me during Fins. We waited about 3 hours to see him but had the best seats/standing room in the house!! Truly once in a lifetime. Jimmy, Mac and Nadirah up on stage with the ocean in the background and cold beer, how will anything this year top.


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