Buffett Participates in Launch of Google Earth 5.0

Jimmy Buffett was among a handful of celebrities that helped to launch the latest the version of Google Earth. There’s a story in the LA Times: “Google Earth takes a deep dive into the world’s oceans

The crowd was filled with like-minded environmentalists inspired by Google’s vision. The guests of honor were a who’s who of ocean science and research. The crowd favorite was country legend Jimmy Buffett.

“I have never stood behind a lectern with bubbles in it before,” Buffett joked.

Buffett — whose lyrics include “Mother, mother ocean, I have heard your call. Wanted to sail upon your waters since I was 3 feet tall” — said that he has been more proud of being featured in National Geographic magazine than Rolling Stone. Music is a natural companion on ocean expeditions, he said. His involvement with Google Earth was conceived on a boat in the French West Indies, he added.

Buffett found his philosophy on a bumper sticker: “Without geography, you are nowhere.” “Now I know where I am thanks to Google,” Buffett said.

Then he picked up his guitar and strummed “Son of a Son of a Sailor,” cleverly inserting Google Earth into the lyrics.

He quipped: “We’ll see this version on YouTube real quick, won’t we?”

Buffett got a standing ovation.

A video of the event is available at YouTube: