Articles on the Landshark Stadium Announcement

The Sun Sentinel: Dolphins owner hopes Buffett aura brings new cache to stadium, game experience

The tagline for LandShark Lager, brewed by Anheuser-Busch in partnership with Buffett and his Margaritaville restaurant enterprise, is: “Let The Fin Begin.”

“We gave half the tickets to the Parrot Head clubs and half to Dolfans, and you can’t tell the difference,” Buffett said during his three-song set that included his anthem Margaritaville and Volcano. “I know I’m home.”

“Jimmy’s kind of a renaissance man,” said Gary Bongiovanni, Editor in Chief of Pollstar magazine. “He’s a best-selling author, he’s a money machine is what he is. He hasn’t been shy about venturing out. … The LandShark deal, it strikes me as a great business move.”

The Miami Herald: Miami Dolphins, Jimmy Buffett team up at LandShark Stadium

Though Ross said ”we are going to be associated with Jimmy Buffett forever,” the facility will be called LandShark Stadium only until the end of the Dolphins’ season.

Though terms of the contract were not disclosed, two people close to the deal said they were told Buffett is not paying a straight rights fee but instead will compensate Ross through appearances, other marketing opportunities and potential concert performances. Ross said he is not sure if Buffett will perform at any Dolphins games, but “he’s going to be featured at tailgates. We are going to incorporate him to be a big part of the Dolphins.”

Ross said there will be a Margaritaville-themed area at the stadium, including places to tailgate, but offered few details. Stadium officials said plans were still being formulated, but if there is a restaurant or dining area, it would be open only on game days.

Dolphin Stadium will sell LandShark beer, as well as other alcohol. Alcohol sales will continue to be cut off at the end of halftime for Dolphins and University of Miami games, except in premium-seat areas. LandShark Lager is brewed by Anheuser-Busch under the Margaritaville Brewing Label.

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