Boston Globe interview with Jimmy Buffett

Today’s Boston Globe has an interview with Jimmy: “Buffett mixing some politics into his party

Q. You haven’t been afraid to let loose lately about the state of the country. What’s up with that?

A. There’s a lot of stupidity going around on all sides. The country bought it all, and I thought people needed to be reminded about how stupid they were. And it’s an ongoing saga. I can certainly put more verses in “A Lot to Drink About’’ as we go along. For instance, I noticed that the schools are closing in Los Angeles, but the Lakers were just given a parade. There’s no end to the crazy things going on.

Q. You’re always involved, it seems, with a million different businesses. I hear you’re engaged in a couple of Margaritaville casino resorts in Biloxi, Miss., and Atlantic City opening in the next year. And you’re opening a Margaritaville Cafe in Edmonton. Where do you find time for all of this?

A. Oh, don’t worry. I still go surfing