Buffett to pay respects for Walter Cronkite

Update: CBSNews.com will broadcast the memorial service live on Wednesday September 9th beginning at 10:30 AM Eastern time

The Examiner.com has news on the memorial service to eulogize Walter Cronkite

This Wednesday September 9th, Manhattan’s Lincoln Center will be the center of attention as it houses the memorial service to eulogize Walter Cronkite, the legendary CBS News anchorman who died on July 17th of this year. The 10:30am service will spotlight Cronkite’s career and pay tribute to this legendary pioneer in broadcasting.

Jimmy Buffett will join a well respected group of people to pay his respects to his longtime friend. Other friends scheduled to honor Mr. Cronkite include President Obama, Bill Clinton and Astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Naturally his colleagues at CBS will play a major role in this homage to their colleague. Representing CBS news will be: Leslie Moonves, President and CEO, Katie Couric, Andy Rooney, Bob Schieffer and Tom Brokaw.

Friends of Mr. Cronkite noted his love of music, so much in fact that he actually learned to play the drums a few years back. In addition, apparently Mr. Cronkite was a closet Parrot Head and Dead Head as well. Jimmy Buffett and Cronkite were friends for many years. Their most recent visit was shortly before his death. Buffett played a few of his favorite songs for his friend on his ukulele at his home in Manhattan.


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