Buffett Performs at Service for Cronkite

Jimmy performed today at a memorial service for his close friend Walter Cronkite at the Lincoln Center in New York City. Jimmy was joined by Mac McAnally and Mickey Hart.

C-Span has a link to a 2.5 hour video of the memorial. Jimmy and Mac McAnally begin playing at 24:00 minutes into it

Jimmy Buffett sang his classic ”Son of a Son of a Sailor” for his sailing buddy Cronkite. But before that, he had a warm recollection of seeking some advice for a mutual friend, the late ”60 Minutes” correspondent Ed Bradley.

After a sail, ”the sun was down, the rum was out, and I said, ‘Walter, Ed called me and he’s thinking about wearing an earring on ’60 Minutes.”’

Buffett said Cronkite responded: ”It doesn’t matter if he wears an earring, as long as it’s a good story.” Then Cronkite added impishly: ”If I was going to wear an earring on ’60 Minutes,’ I’d wear one of those big, long dangly ones.”