Buffett Does Private Show in Vegas

Jimmy Buffett did a concert in Las Vegas on October 22nd. It was a private show for Budweiser at the Hard Rock last Thursday night.

Here’s some quotes from Margaret & John:

“We were there WITH JIMMY!! We managed to get into his private show at the Hard Rock Hotel with great difficulty (don’t ask how)! It was a super show but he did not do an encore. He finished with “Fins” and that was it. We were probably the only few Parrot Heads in there. Think most of them in there were for the free entertainment and free Landshark lager. What a great night and we were so near the stage. This was worth coming to Las Vegas for.

Jimmy sang one of my favorite songs which was “Peanut Butter Conspiracy”. I can’t remember a lot of the songs he sang because I was so excited and in a trance.


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