Buffett’s New Album Buffet Hotel

Jimmy Buffett’s new album “Buffet Hotel” gets released today.

The Miami Herald has an interview with Jimmy: “Trip to Africa inspires Buffett

Q: For years we’ve fought over the spelling of your name. With this album title, you’ve set our cause back 40 years.

Buffett: [Laughs.] I saw this sign and thought it would be fun to play with it. It’s been a pet peeve of mine back to the days when I was playing clubs. People would come up and ask, `Where’s the food?’ `No, no. No food. That’s me.’

Q: Did the trip to Africa inspire the music?

Buffett: The trip to Africa was one of the musical highlights of my life. It lit a fire under me as a songwriter. [But] the inspiration was more technological. Everyone uses [Pro Tools], and I am an older person but my mind is inclusive enough to want to know of these things. I was able to do the vocals at my leisure. I call it the red-wine vocals. I was never one to spend a lot of time [in the studio.] Maybe to my detriment. I’m a capture-the-magic kinda guy as opposed to working it to death. I got other s— to do!

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