USA Today Article on Buffet Hotel

USA Today has an interview “Jimmy Buffett releases new ‘Buffet’ album

At first glance, you might think Jimmy Buffett’s new album, out Tuesday, is called Buffett Hotel. Like his name. But look closer. There’s only one T.

“People say, ‘What’s the Buffett Hotel?’ I say, ‘Buffet.'” People have been mispronouncing Jimmy’s last name as Buff-ay instead of Buff-it for a long time, he told me when he called recently from Manhattan. “It used to really piss me off. Twice, he remembers, his name was misspelled on his own albums by his own record label in his early career. He admits that some of his lawyers still have trouble getting it right. “It’s been an ongoing thing.”

In the booklet that accompanies the CD, Jimmy writes that he doesn’t see himself ever getting old and sitting on a cruise ship deck chair. “I’d rather be lost in the Sahara,” he writes.

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