CMT Crossroads Show with Zac Brown Band

The CMT Crossroads show featuring Jimmy Buffett and the Zac Brown Band was taped on Wednesday at The Factory in Franklin, TN.

A report of the taping of the show is available from BigR-KyParrothead:

Wow! what a night! I’ll try to give good review so it may be long.

After checking in with no problems, we were let inside the doors. The first thing I noticed as i walked in, how small the place was. 300-350 people max. We had General Admission tickets, so were trying to find a good seat. Right as we walked in, a lady with CMT pointed to us and said to follow her. She asked if we were big fans, we said oh yes, big Parrotheads. She led us to the front row, right in front of Jimmy and Zac’s mic! I almost passed out! She told us they wanted big fans in the front row for the cameras, and if she gave us those seats we had to promise to stand, sing and have a good time … NO PROBLEM! I was in shock at this point. Getting to see this show…and front row, I had to be dreaming!

Anyway, the show began and it was amazing. They split it up into 2 sets, first the Zac Brown Band song and then Buffett’s set. During the Zac Brown set Nadirah, Tina, Robert, Ralph, and Utley were also on stage. Mac joined for the final 2 songs. During Jimmy’s set Roger Guth, Will Kimbrough and Uncle Jim joined the party.

It was obvious, Jimmy was really focused during the Zac Brown set. He didn’t want to screw up, he even joked about it after the set was over. It was tough for them to get into a rythm, because CMT had to give the thumbs up after every song, making sure it was a good take. They actually had to redo 3 songs but nobody complained.

The set list
Toes (with redo)
Where the Boat Leaves From (with redo)
Free/One Love
Chicken Fried

Son of a Son of a Sailor
Nobody from Nowhere
Wings (redo)
A Pirate Looks at Forty

The highlights were Toes and Pirate. I wanted to see Jimmy do Toes because I thought it was a perfect JB song and Robert on the pans was great! For Pirate it was just Jimmy, Zac and Mac on stools along with Roberts on the pans, great!

The show lasted around 90 minutes. After the show wrapped, Jimmy was walking off stage and i stuck my hand up. he stopped, came back to me and shook my hand. i almost passed out! Afterward the entire Zac Brown Band and Mac hung-out with the fans, which i thought was really cool.


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