Margaritaville Foods Launches Chicken Line

From a press announcement: “Margaritaville Foods Launches Chicken Line in time for the Big Game

Margaritaville Foods recently announced the launch of the newest addition to the portfolio of island-inspired food and beverage products, Margaritaville chicken wings… and just in time for your big game party.
The Margaritaville Chicken line of products includes 4 flavors of fully cooked, frozen and easy to prepare chicken wings. Each wing flavor is sold in a 28 oz. bag and includes a sauce packet with flavors and spices inspired by Island cuisine. The flavors include Island Buffalo, Mango Chutney, Orange Peel and Caribbean BBQ.

“We’re really excited about our wings and hope consumers will use the big game as a taste test opportunity,” says Joe Ferraro, Vice President Marketing and Sales. “If you like chicken wings, you’ll love these new Caribbean twists on classic flavors. We believe the Margaritaville Chicken line is an excellent complement to our frozen seafood, chips and salsa, salt rimmers and mixers, Paradise Key Teas and Landshark Lager.”


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