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Mar 03

There are plans for building a Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort in Hollywood FL (between Ft Lauderdale and Miami).

A public meeting discussing the details for the proposal takes place on Thursday March 4th at 8:15 AM at City Hall. Also a public presentations for the Johnson Street Redevelopment takes place on March 15th from 6pm-8pm in Hollywood City Hall (2600 Hollywood Blvd, 33030). Margaritaville will have 20 minutes to present their plans and Planet Hollywood will have 20 minutes. Then the Public will have 20 minutes to express their point of view. The dress code is NOT CONCERT ATTIRE! You may wear a Hawaiian shirt but we need to show a respectable appearance for the County Commissioners.

If you can’t make it express your opinion to the City Commission and Mayor.

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