More on the Margaritaville Hollywood Beach

The Miami Herald has an article “Stars’ proposals for Hollywood Beach to be aired

Those hoping to waste away — or spend a night — in Margaritaville might be heading for Hollywood Beach.Planet Hollywood sees its plan as a much better fit.

Can Jimmy Buffett take down Sylvester Stallone on Hollywood Beach? Lon Tabatchnick certainly hopes so.

The Hollywood developer signed Buffett to bring the first Margaritaville resort to a city-owned site on the ocean.

“He has this ability to draw people in,” Tabatchnick said. “Where would you like to keep your boat — the Fort Lauderdale marina or the Margaritaville marina?”

But Planet Hollywood, a restaurant chain with Stallone and Bruce Willis as partners, wants the same land for a hotel and water park.

A successful chain of restaurants followed, as well as a catalog worth of island wares — from chicken wings to patio furniture to Margarita makers. John Cohlan, CEO of Margaritaville Enterprises in Palm Beach, said the beachfront location and Hollywood’s no-fuss vibe makes it a good fit for the brand’s first hotel.

“This is a very authentic beach town,” he said. “That’s what Margaritaville is about.”

Plans show a tiki bar wrapped around a seaplane and a sailboat by the pool, as well as an amphitheater with free concerts arranged by the Margaritaville staff.

“There are certain revenue streams Margaritaville brings to the project,” said Tabatchnick, refering to Buffet-themed shops, restaurants and bars expected to bring in day visitors. “A regularly flagged hotel would not be successful there.”

But the Planet Hollywood team rejects the Buffett boost as a tall tropical tale.

“At the end of the day, Margaritaville is a bar,” said Koslow. “What’s so special about a bar?”


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