Mississippi Missing from Buffett & Friends Tee Shirt

SunHerald.com has an article on one state missing from the Jimmy Buffett & Friends concert t-shirt: “Mississippi excluded from Buffett concert shirt

Jimmy Buffett sang “Mississippi on my Mind” at Sunday’s free concert in Alabama yet Mississippi was missing from the official concert T-shirts.

Coast native Del Oehms Hamilton’s friends pointed out that her home state wasn’t listed on the T-shirt she bought at the Jimmy Buffett and Friends concert at Gulf Shores. Hamilton contacted the Sun Herald.

Over a peace symbol mural with dolphins, a turtle and a pelican are TX, LA and then AL — no MS. Between AL and FL, Georgia was included in the list of states affected by the oil spill, although it doesn’t have a Gulf coastline.

“Oh, no. That is sad,” said California artist MB Hanrahan when she learned of the mistake on the logo she designed.

“Artist chagrined. It won’t happen again,” she said as she pulled out her atlas.

“We turned that around in record speed,” said Hanrahan, whose signature is on the tag of the T-shirts.


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