Buffett’s Surprise Appearance at Stephen Talkhouse

Jimmy Buffett made a special appearance at the Ilo show at Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett NY on Monday night.

From ContinentalDrifterIII: Went to see Ilo at the Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett last night and I couldn’t have asked for a better opening band. It was Jimmy Buffett!!! He played “Changes In Latitudes”, “Grapefruit Juicyfruit”, “Weather Is Here”, “Pencil Thin Mustache”, “Son of a Sailor”, “Boat Drinks”, “Come Monday”, “Margaritaville” and then played “Uncle John’s Band” for “friends” of his in the audience – Bill and Hillary Clinton. Then Ilo came out and he rocked! Jimmy came back out to play “Volcano” with Ilo. Jimmy hung out and even came into the crowd at the end of the show and took pictures with the fans and signed autographs!!!

Jimmy told a great story last night about how he was asked to play a surprise party for Bill Clinton when he was in office. He said whoever was planning the party had very limited money so it was “Patriotic Duty” to go and perform. Unfortunately the day of this party was the same day that Jerry Garcia passed away. He intended on playing Uncle John’s Band as a tribute to start off the show. Jimmy arrived early at the White House and was given a tour around the grounds. He said he took pictures all over like he lived there and “Gypsies In The Palace” immediately came to mind. So he opted to open with GITP instead. So he said last night that after all these years he will now play “Uncle John’s Band” as a tribute to Jerry and for the Clintons.

Some photos from the show (thanks to LIPH)

Update from Margaritaville.com: A surprise special guest opens for Ilo last night on Long Island. Savannah Jane Buffett caught last night’s show opener on film at The Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett, NY


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