Buffett family donates boat to USM Lab

From Sunherald.com: “Buffett family donates boat to lab

Singer and songwriter Jimmy Buffett visited the USM Gulf Coast Research Lab on Monday with sisters, Lucy Buffett and Laurie Buffett McGuane, for the christening of the GCRL’s newest boat.

The three siblings donated the vessel to the GCRL to further its educational programs, naming it Miss Peetsy B in honor of their late mother, Mary Lorraine Peetsy Buffett.

The Buffetts first got involved with the GCRL following 2010’s oil spill.

“At the time, I was angry but I had to put that anger somewhere,” said Jimmy Buffett, who once considered being a marine biologist. After donating a boat to help the university with oil spill cleanup, the Buffetts spoke with USM President Martha Saunders to see how they could help local children understand the value of the Gulf Coast.

“When you ignite the minds of kids and show them the ocean for the first time, it’s a life-changing experience,” Buffett said.

From GulfLive.com: “Buffetts donate 33-foot vessel to USM Gulf Coast Research Laboratory

The vessel, built for the Navy in 1973 to transport personnel and supplies, is eventually to be converted to run on waste vegetable oil.

“It seemed like a logical extension of a disaster caused by an oil spill to look at alternatives,” Buffett said before he and his sisters splashed Land Shark beer across the bow of the boat named in memory of their mother.

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