Honolulu Pulse interview with Jimmy

HonoluluPulse.com (the Honolulu Star-Advertiser) has an interview: “Buffett has stayed in touch with his roots“. Jimmy mentions he will be making another appearance on Hawaii Five-0, and he is starting to write songs for a new album.

Buffett is in Honolulu this weekend for a Sunday show at the Waikiki Shell marking the 30th anniversary of his first-ever show here.

“We’ve been consistently playing the same number of shows to the same number of crowds for a long, long time. I think people know what to expect when they come to see us, and it’s a rite of passage. It’s doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 80 — if you like to go to the beach, you’re gonna have fun at one of our shows.

“We’ve been lucky — we’re probably running on the fourth or maybe the fifth generation of fans,” he says, adding that the majority of his fan base is between 25 and 40. “They’re not my age.”

Looking ahead, Buffett says fans can anticipate a new album and another appearance on “Hawaii Five-0″ as veteran military helicopter pilot Frank Bama.

“We’re just kind of cruising along. We’re busy in our world — our casino is opening in Biloxi (Mississippi), we’ve got a lot of interesting things going on in the Margaritaville business side of things and also in the music side of things. I’m starting to write again, and it’s about time to do an album.

“There’s not a lot to plug right now, but there’s a lot going on,” he says.


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