Dallas Morning News Interview with Jimmy

From the Dallas Morning News: “Move over, Zuckerberg: Jimmy Buffett is to blame for social networking

In an exclusive interview with Mario Tarradell, Margaritaville’s very own Jimmy Buffett spoke on everything from Mardi Gras , Facebook and, of course, his parrot-headed fans.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

“I come from a Mardi Gras culture,” he said. “I grew up on the Gulf Coast and I am a child of Mardi Gras. There was always one or two days in our lives when a good Catholic Jesuit boy put on a mask and costume and blew off some steam. That’s the origin of the idea of a Mardi Gras carnival. I grew up with that culture.”- Buffett on Mardi Gras

“We were the social network before there was a social network on the Internet.” – Buffett on his fans

“I’m talking about tales about my friends and people I’ve known along the way,” he said. “The songwriting hasn’t really changed since that first collection of songs when I moved to Key West. I made it in folk clubs in Miami before I ever made it to Key West.” – Buffett on his music

Read the full article at Margaritaville.com

Buffett changes the set list by taking inventory of what he’s played before and what he hasn’t played in a while, then matching the energy and the recognition factor with the old songs. In fact, he was so tickled by talking about Down to Earth that he’s decided to weave “The Captain and the Kid” into his current tour, which stops Thursday at Gexa Energy Pavilion.


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