New novel from Tom Corcoran now available

A new book from author Tom Corcoran is now available at “The Quick Adios (Times Six)” (Hardcover and Kindle Edition)

Tom Corcoran returns with a seventh novel, his first Alex Rutledge mystery in three years. Longtime fans and newcomers to this series are sure to enjoy The Quick Adios (Times Six). It is January in Key West, and freelance photographer Rutledge is summoned by his lover, city detective Beth Watkins, to a double-murder scene in The Tideline condo near Smathers Beach. When he arrives, cameras in hand, Alex is asked to leave. There is no explanation given. Within an hour he is offered another photo job, this time to document an office building in the Sarasota area. He flies north with the client later that day only to find confusion and murder on that end, too. The main problem in both locations, Alex quickly learns, is the abundance of suspects. Rutledge has no desire to be an investigator, and much prefers his work for ad agencies and travel magazines. As in previous Rutledge novels, Key West, with its characters, history, natural beauty and isolation, plays a fundamental role in the tale, in this instance the events of two murder cases.

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