Searching for One Particular Harbor

Gordon England’s latest release “Searching for One Particular Harbor: Escape to the Bahamas” is now available in paperback, Kindle, and Nook versions. For more details and to purchase visit and visit Gordon’s Facebook page.

From the author: Did you ever want to run away to the islands? Escape the world and chase tropical paradise? My wife, Annie, Lucy Belle the cat, and I did just that. Full of middle-aged crazy, we fell for Caribbean enchantment, sold our possessions, and drove our boat to the Bahamas in 2004. For three years we lived in sun drenched paradise fraught with zany adventures and misadventures. We explored many harbors far from tourist traps, caught more than our share of big fish, and dove on spectacular reefs. My job with the Bahamian government allowed me to see another side of island culture not seen by tourists. When I look back at these pages, I see blue Atlantic waters, taste cheap rum, and hear seductive thumping of steel drums. We made life long friends among Bahamians and expats from all over the world. The magic of the Internet allowed me listen to Jimmy Buffett every night, keeping the dream alive as we sailed for elusive harbours in far away places. At times we almost went out of our minds, though we look back now on those years with wry fondness. Much of the time laughter kept our sanity. I can see why Papa Hemingway went to Bimini to write. Escape from the frenzy of the modern world brought out my creative side and for the first time I started writing stories about my escapades. Some of the Bahamian stories made their way into Boat Tales, a collection of short stories about outdoor adventures. For five years I worked off and on to write Searching for One Particular Harbour, putting it down and picking it back up.

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