Buffett talks about Australia …

An article at Adelaidenow.com.au mentions Buffett will be doing two acoustic shows in September of this year and plans to return for a bigger tour down under next year. Buffett also discusses his fall from the stage last year, and the new Margaritaville that will open in Sydney in November 2012.

Margaritaville singer Jimmy Buffett returns to play in Australia after Sydney stage fall declaring ‘I wasn’t drunk‘”

SINGER-songwriter Jimmy Buffett has revealed he was lucky he didn’t kill himself when he tumbled off the stage during a Sydney show.

The US veteran, best known for his hits Margaritaville and Cheeseburger in Paradise, landed badly, cut his head open and was taken to St Vincent’s Hospital after falling while trying to shake the hand of a fan and missing the edge of the stage at the Hordern Pavilion show in 2011.

”I just walked off,” he said.

”I wasn’t drunk and whoever I was waving to wasn’t that pretty. I was banged up pretty bad and I was very lucky.

”I think what saved me is that I had been surfing a lot the week before and I was in pretty fair shape so I rolled when I hit. If I had gone flat-faced, God knows what would have happened.”

Buffett is returning to play in Australia for the first time since the accident next month for intimate, acoustic shows in Melbourne and Brisbane, ahead of a bigger tour next year.

It will be a working holiday for the laid-back singer, whose daughter is studying at the University of New South Wales, and who will open one of his Margaritaville chain restaurants in Sydney’s Darling Harbour in November.

He has rewritten his signature tune, Margaritaville, to reflect his dice with death Down Under.

”I have put the whole episode into the last verse and chorus,” he said.

”I got permission from my wife and daughter to play a couple of little shows over there in Melbourne and Brisbane – I can’t wait for the reaction from Down Under to the song they had something to do with.”


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