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Oct 09


Imagine – Really, imagine ……

Jimmy Buffett as the first mate, Dr. Wayne Dyer as the cook, Ernest Hemingway the helmsman and Jack London as the navigator and you get a pretty good idea about the crew banging around in the author’s head who helped shape this adventure. And they all get their points of view into the story!

Take a smattering of Jimmy’s songs, toss ‘em into a blender with 21 chapters of “Mañana Doesn’t Mean Tomorrow – a wild and crazy true-life adventure in Mexico” – and you have a formula for an unpredictable “Buffettesque” adventure that is a true story, reads like a novel, celebrates Mexico and life with all its joy, humor, challenges, love and lust – and is, according to many readers a book – “I just didn’t want to put down.”

A TRUE STORY about a guy who chucks the work-a-day world in the states to sail a 50 foot ketch to Mexico to become a sailing charter skipper! Come join the odyssey of sailing to Mazatlán – where amigos, federales, ex-pats, crazy tourists, women and Mexican “partners” invade every aspect of this Mexican adventure.

And while Jimmy’s lyrics embody much of the flavor of this adventure, and the book – on the flip side, if you take Mañana Doesn’t Mean Tomorrow and shake it hard, add ice and salt and lime you get Jimmy Buffett songs spilling out of the shaker. You’ve simply got to read it to believe it.

The author David Kindopp will be at the MOTM convention Nov. 1-4, as a featured author

For more details on “Mañana Doesn’t Mean Tomorrow” please visit the authors website:

written by phjim

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