Buffett returing to Frisco TX this year

From Inforum.com: “For Frisco, Bison crowd takes backseat to Jimmy Buffett

When it comes to spending money here, North Dakota State University football fans have nothing on Parrotheads.

Saturday’s Division I Football Championship title game attracted a sold-out crowd of 21,411 to the FC Dallas Stadium, more than 60 percent of them Bison fans.

Frisco leaders believe the game and surrounding activities had a $5.9 million economic impact on the region, matching what was generated last year.

Yet in terms of economic impact, the title game comes in second.

A Jimmy Buffett concert is No. 1 for Frisco.

Jimmy Buffett hosted an annual concert in Frisco for several years before moving to Dallas in 2012. The concert will return to Frisco this year.


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