Video: Jimmy talks and performs with Mishka

From Spinner: “Jimmy Buffett & Mishka, ‘Ocean Is My Potion’ — Video Premiere
Jimmy talks with Mishka about how they met, and Mishka’s new release, Ocean Is My Potion. The title track features Jimmy, and the two perform it in a video below:

When you think Jimmy Buffett, images of rum drinks, beaches and sunsets immediately fill your head. Well, now you can add a bit of reggae to those lounge-worthy thoughts with Mailboat Records’ newest signee, Mishka.

The two actually met long ago, when Mishka was only 5 years old. The little tike was selling croissants in the French West Indies when he came upon the Margaritaville man himself. The acoustic-leaning songwriter even wrote a song about Mishka called “Chanson Pour Les Petis Enfants.”

Now the musicians’ relationship has come full circle on Mishka’s new EP Ocean Is My Potion. The title track features Buffett and the Bermuda-born singer’s velvety vocals.

Now you can check out an exclusive conversation between the up-and-coming reggae artist and his musical mentor in the video below. The pair discuss how they met, and even play their new single! Check out the video below, and grab Mishka’s new record in stores now.

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