Buffett’s restaurant in Waikiki to close

From Pacific Business News: “Jimmy Buffett’s restaurant in Waikiki to close by Aug. 31

Jimmy Buffett’s Restaurant & Bar at the Beachcomber will be closing and terminating its lease at the Holiday Inn Waikiki Beachcomber Resort on Aug. 31.

The restaurant opened in 2009. It is part of Margaritaville’s restaurant group, which has 21 locations in the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean, according to its website.


9 thoughts on “Buffett’s restaurant in Waikiki to close

  1. WHY????? Went there in 2011 (I live in Alabama) and loved it! Great location too!!

  2. Why is this closing? Is it because Jimmy has sold them and now the new owner is just closing them? I can’t imagine it does not make money. Please give more details.

  3. Went there last August. The young, female singer/guitar player entertaining that night knew no Buffett songs. Zero. We requested a few. She seemed anoyed. Knew it was bad juju for that place right then.

  4. Jimmy Buffett has sold all interest in the margaritaville restaurants, a whole new management has bought it out & is closing many locations.

  5. Sad. Just visited the Margaritaville Cafe in New Orleans, and the retail store had been closed.

  6. I feel in love with Jimmy in 5th grade @ 10 years old ( 46 years ago) I loved the old Jimmy before he became so commercialized and money hungry. I really wish he would return to his grass roots Key West days. Sadly I’ve dropped off the Jimmy fan wagon-and I flew to Paris France to see him so I was a hardcore fan-now if I have a chance between him or Jack Johnson, Jack wins out.

  7. Was there in March. Went in, but did not eat, was on my way to Duke’s. Have to admit I’m having some mixed feelings about Jimmy not owning the Margaritaville restaurants now. Yes, they’re still fun, but the emotional attachment is no different, now, than going to a Olive Garden.

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