Video of Buffett talking about the Set List Contest

Jimmy Buffett talks about how he narrowed down the list of songs for fans to choose from to create a set list of 27 songs for the Key West show. BuffettNews gets mentioned in a video at about 1:30. You have until March 2nd, 2015 to enter the contest, enter at

14 thoughts to “Video of Buffett talking about the Set List Contest”

  1. Pay close attention to what Jimmy says here gang.
    What are the two sources that he and the band used to gather their data?
    Pandora and (drum roll please) BuffettNews.
    What does THAT tell ya?

  2. Congrats to BuffettNews for getting name dropped in Jimmy’s video! I know that it’s my first source for Jimmy Buffett information…why shouldn’t it be Jimmy’s too?

    Funny that I was digging through the “Buffett Songs” archive recently also. Surprised by how many songs Jimmy’s done in concert that I didn’t know he had covered. I probably shocked him too.

  3. Its great that he takes the time to make these videos for the ParrotHead Community. It’s nice to get to see how much work goes into making it seem so effortless. True professionals!

  4. Wish I was going to this Key West Concert will see you in Orlando though for sure April 16th

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