Atlanta Show on June 2nd Confirmed

Confirmed by Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band at the Gwinnett Center in Duluth, GA on Tuesday June 2nd, 2015.

American Express® Card Members can purchase tickets before the general public beginning Monday, March 2 at 10am – Friday, March 6 at 10pm.

Tickets for the general public on sale Monday, March 9th at 10am.

Eight ticket limit per customer.


12 thoughts on “Atlanta Show on June 2nd Confirmed

  1. Very disappointing. 2015 will be two years in a row that I will not be seeing Jimmy in Atlanta. Up until 2013 seen JB numerous consecutive years in a row in Atlanta.

  2. What a lame place for a Buffett concert. I remember, many years ago, when his concerts were such a good time…

  3. I totally agree with the other posters. For the past few years, the Atlanta concert has been announced very late, it’s most always a week night, and the venue is bad. It’s as if Atlanta is always an after thought.

    I would rather Buffett skip Atlanta entirely, rather than have concerts like the 2014 Chastain concert.

    And give us a weekend every now and then!!!

  4. Again, for two years in a row not a good venue and not a good night. I agree with razor. A weekend night occasionally for Atlanta would be nice. I love JB music. But unfortunately I’m not traveling to Gwinnett Center to see JB. I do not understand this venue choice. In almost all his outdoor concerts he mentions “lawn people”. I guess the “lawn people” are no longer important.

  5. Another year my group of friends and I will skip JB. Loved Lakewood. Did JB or the crew do something to cause them to be banned from the amphitheater?

  6. I’m pretty sure that if jimmy is not allowed back somewhere it is due to people that took things to far during the pre game party. Unfortunate but true.

  7. Lets see, I was at that last GOOD show at Lakewood and I don’t remember anything wrong happening… 🙂 On the other hand, I JUST DON’T REMEMBER!

  8. My comment was a little facetious. However, I checked and Lakewood does not have a show on June 2. So, what’s the deal?

  9. Has anyone been to Lakewood? In that neighborhood, the only people taking things too far pre-show are the “locals” scalping one Buffett ticket on top of three Braves tickets!

  10. Not a Lakewood purist but it has never pissed anyone off. Been going since 1990 and that is the only venue where it was fun all day long. As far as Chastain Idk. Wasn’t able to afford tix. Only show I’ve missed in 24 yrs and would have loved to go. Haven’t posted on here in the yrs I’ve trolled it. Figured someone needs to tell it like it is. No one I know has ever wanted an inside show even if it was in January. Finz up my true faithful. Put your 2 cents in and maybe things will go back to normal……normal being Lakewood and 3 shows while he is in town. Hell he’s always able to sell them out.

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