Buffett with the Stones in Cuba, and Margaritaville Havana?

Jimmy Buffett was backstage at the Rolling Stones concert in Havana on Friday: “The Rolling Stones Dazzle the Crowd at Historic Concert in Cuba

The crowd was lightly sprinkled with glitterati, including Richard Gere, who posed for snapshots with a dozen young Cuban journalists. Jimmy Buffett, leader of the Parrot Heads, allowed that he hoped to perform soon in Havana — perhaps next year. “Living in Key West, it has been so close for so long, but it’s been so far for so long too,” said Buffett, dressed for the occasion in shorts and flip-flops.

Is Buffett’s Havana daydream about to come true? He is looking at the possibility of opening a Margaritaville restaurant in Cuba: “U.S. companies line up to do business in Cuba

And then there was singer and businessman Jimmy Buffett rubbing elbows at a cocktail reception with top White House advisors. He is said to be exploring the possibility of bringing his Margaritaville restaurant chain here.



One thought on “Buffett with the Stones in Cuba, and Margaritaville Havana?

  1. I am 64 heading into 65. I have been a fan of Jimmy’s since he started, Long before the term parrot head came about. I have been to every concert when he comes to my area. I have been to many Margaritavile’s, but my favorite is Key West. Wish Jimmy all the best on his new venture in Cuba.

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