Buffett to host a Clinton fundraiser

From Politico.com: “Clinton readies for Hamptons fundraising blitz

Hillary Clinton is planning to forgo her annual Hamptons vacation and accompanying luxury beach rental this summer – embarking instead on a condensed three-day fundraising blitz in the moneyed East End in late August.

The Democratic nominee, whose campaign is currently focused on recruiting Republicans disgusted with Donald Trump into the fold, is packing in up to nine big-dollar events during a Hamptons fundraising sprint beginning Aug. 28 and ending Aug. 30, according to three sources familiar with the campaign’s fundraising strategy.

Singer Jimmy Buffett, a Montauk resident, is expected to host a Clinton fundraiser at his home, the sources said.

10 thoughts to “Buffett to host a Clinton fundraiser”

  1. I will never attend another concert, buy anything, and will be sure tell my friends, this is awful. Play music and stay out of politics!

    1. LOL – I think you should somehow ensure you never associate with or spend money on any services provided by anyone who supports Hillary. That’s how you make a difference. You can start by getting off the internet – since it’s likely your service provider has given her money. The company that makes your computer’s operating system, they probably have too. The folks who developed your Web browser, yup them too. They should all stick to communication services, and stay out of politics. In fact, just by using their products to come on this message board to share your comment, you’ve literally sent them money that they have sent to her. It’s a trap!!!

  2. Look at all these right wing insane comments. Jimmy is a hippy at heart not a right wing bigot. Play on jimmy.

  3. Right on Jimmy!….thank you for taking the high road!
    We’re with you all the way….see you in Sacramento!…Yeaaaaaa!

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