9 thoughts to “Decision 2016 – Clinton vs Trump”

  1. Although Jimmy and I may not agree on many political issues, its good to see a post made by his representatives remaining neutral in his position. I likely don’t agree with who he may vote for, but this is America. And I truly respect Jimmy in many other ways.
    Enjoy, this will be the last political post I make before the election.
    God bless our once great Country and, although I have expectations that only one man in the run has the true American desire to make this country great again, God be with whoever wins and all true citizens of OUR United States of America.
    Be prepared for what is to follow either way….


    May God bless this GREAT nation, and may God bless Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band!!!

  3. How could you support a person Thad the same thing Former President Nixion Did and he got impeached?? Jimmy I know you supported Obomba such a shame but to support a lying crooked family how many has Bill Clinton molested and they never got reported ??? Esther they got paid off ( by the Clinton foundation or the Just disappear. Then there was Monica and for what he did nothing was done , WOW. How much did the Cliton Foundation pay the Government to look the other way how much more Bullshi- are going to have to put up And the crooked Government do we have to put up with ???
    Our government needs to be changed we are in deep dodo if this BS goes on . Come Tuesday lets it will BE ALRIGHT TRUMP for President.

    1. I agree with you 100%. I hope Jimmy Buffett does not influence anyone to vote for lying Hillary. I don’t know why he feels he has to raise money for her. She and Bill have made millions selling out the USA.

  4. Jimmy I am a long time fan. Love your music dislike your politics. Make America Great Again. Vote Fingers Taylor

  5. Jimmy you do a respectable job keeping the politics at a tolerable distance. I am not a fan when the celebs throw their politics in your face. Please continue this practice, I don’t want to ever be at a Great Woods show and hear political talk coming from the stage or crowd, it would take the magic out of the event. Keep doing what you do and don’t turn into a Springsteen, Bono, Vedder, or Curt Schilling!

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