Buffett films Hawaii Five-O episode

Jimmy Buffett was in Honolulu last week filming for an upcoming appearance on the CBS show Hawaii Five-O. Buffett will reprise his role as Frank Bama. He has made three prior appearances on the show (March 6th 2015, April 2013, and November 2011).


3 thoughts to “Buffett films Hawaii Five-O episode”

  1. So glad I never spent a dime to see you! You re washed up anyway and a had been! Enjoy you Hillary gig! Way to go to support a crook!

    1. First of all you don’t know what you’re been missing, greatest experience ever. Don’t worry he doesn’t need your dime. Second of all at least he’s not supporting a sexual pervert and women hater and third you should use your spell check!

    2. If you hate the guy so much, why do you bother reading what is clearly a fan site?

      At least he’s made something of himself, as opposed to being a keyboard warrior typing away in some dark lonely corner.

      By the by, I’m off to the beach, you know, out in the sunshine.

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