Buffett performs at Jones Beach

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band performed last night at the Jones Beach Amphitheatre in Wantagh NY. The show marks the 30th time that Buffett has performed at Jones Beach.

The set list from the show is now available. Some of the highlights from the show included “Growing Older But Not Up”, “Margaritaville” featuring Frank Marshall on guitar, and for the final encore a cover of Bob Marley’s “One Love”.


21 thoughts on “Buffett performs at Jones Beach

  1. The parking lot tailgating at Jones Beach was totally out of control. We have been going for eight years now and the last two years have seen a really bad pattern emerging of underage, barely dressed bands of kids roaming, drinking and drugging in the lot. Boys urinating behind the porta-potties, and teens-early 20 somethings throwing up and stumbling everywhere. One young girl was taken away by ambulance because she was traumatized after being groped. It was the first year we did not feel safe leaving the RV in the lot while we went to the concert so I stayed behind with the camper while my friends went to the concert. At one point we had about 60-80 kids hanging out in our row and trashing their area. Cops couldn’t seem to keep up with all the issues. When five cops in flack vests finally showed up in force to disperse the group in our area, the kids ran like hell, leaving bottles everywhere and trash. Cops caught a few and brought them back to clean up their mess and most of the old-time tailgaters in our row cheered. Just disgusting how thoughtless and obnoxious these kids were. There was a kid smashing beer cans on his head to open them and another girl holding a large steak knife that boys were tossing fruit towards, for her to stab the fruit in the air. If this is Jimmy’s new talgate fan base, he’s going to lose a lot of the real fans. There needs to be more stringent enforcement and restrictions on who can get into the lots to keep out people who are only there to party and could care less about seeing or listening to Buffett. Maybe charging a substantial fee if you don’t have a concert ticket, and setting a minimum age for parking lot admittance would help eliminate this problem. Very disheartening for us long-term tailgaters who respect property (this is a state park) and each other. The parking lot looked like a garbage dump after the tailgate. People left furniture (couches), grills, mattresses, and so much trash. Broken bottles everywhere. Something needs to be done.

  2. Agreed with above comment.
    This was my first Jimmy show at Jones Beach (15th overall) – I’ve tailgated all over and the Jones lot was a sad display of Parrothead nation… so many people didn’t even know who Jimmy was and were just there to get smashed in the lot. People taking up 10 spots with 1 car was the reason lots 4 and 5 were “full” before 10A. I respect going for just the party but trashing the place and being disrespectful isn’t cool. Lot 3 seemed to be where a lot of the actual Jimmy fans landed and pretty much everyone I talked to made reference to “frat boy” scene in lot 5.
    Walking out after the show I do have to say that the lot got cleaned up pretty well compared to some venues I’ve been to and the after show lot activities were fairly tame.
    Overall – I had high hopes for Jones Beach but left blissfully neutral. Jimmy put on a solid show and the theater itself is beautiful. We will be at GreatWoods this Saturday and they do simple things like control parking and check tickets on the way into the lot as well as control the “personal bathrooms”. Which initially can be a bit of a buzzkill but when seeing what happens without simple guidelines in place – I’m all for it.
    Great show Jimmy – see you Saturday… FINS UP….!

  3. I totally agree with both. Sorry, but Lot 5 should be for ticket holders only. Free parking at Jones Beach should always be reserved for ticket holders. It’s a State Park, and should be treated accordingly, Buffett day or otherwise. This year I paid $75 for premier parking because I can’t get there at 5 a.m. and don’t relish the idea of a half mile walk back to my car after the show. Also, wanted to mention the poor quality of the tour’s t-shirts this year. $55 for a long-sleeved t that is as thin as a typical mens’ 3-pack of undershirts. Ridiculous!

  4. The one thing that really bothered me about the Jones Beach concert was Jimmy saying he wanted to get to Sag Harbor for last call. Here we are expecting a show for what we paid for.He came out and said I want to get to Sag Harbor before last call. Well he cut his show by 30 mins. We looked at the play list and he did not play his last three songs. We paid a lot for our tickets and I feel we were Ripped Off !!! How much more money does he need??? We have been going for about 20 years to Jones Beach.! This show really pissed me off!

    1. Checked playlists of Jimmy’s other concerts. He did not shorten his show, that’s just not his style. Been going to his concerts for 25 years. He is a class act. Jimmy lives in Sag Harbor. “Last call” is when he turns off the blender in his kitchen.

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