Jimmy Buffett to tour with the Eagles in 2018?

A article on Best Classic Bands says the Eagles will tour in 2018 with Jimmy Buffett: “Eagles to Tour in 2018, Says Manager: Exclusive

After a warm reception to an Eagles reunion without the late Glenn Frey, a set of stadium dates is being planned for summer of 2018, pairing the best-selling band with party troubadour Jimmy Buffett.

“One word answer? Yes,” the band’s longtime manager, Irving Azoff, told Best Classic Bands. Coors Field in Denver will be one destination, Azoff said, with “an Eagles/Buffett celebration up in the mountains there. We’re just talking about a handful” of stadium dates featuring the two classic artists.

Azoff declined to comment about a possible Eagles tour following the stadium dates, noting that the band is still in flux after the untimely death of co-founder Frey. Vince Gill and Frey’s son Deacon have stepped in to handle Frey’s vocals and guitar work to great acclaim. While live dates are planned, any studio recordings are unlikely.

“The Eagles are in an experimental phase,” Azoff said. “I look at is as not really an Eagles tour; it’s really a celebration of their music. We just kind of do things that feel right. I don’t know how long it’ll go. I don’t speculate there will be any (studio) recordings based on the public’s willingness to listen at this point. I’m not going to suggest it, anyway.”

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17 thoughts to “Jimmy Buffett to tour with the Eagles in 2018?”

    1. Rocky, I saw them in Greensboro a few weeks ago and they were all on top of their craft. Joe Walsh knocked it out of the park! Love Jimmy too.

      1. They add nothing live to their music, as opposed to Buffett. You might as well just listen note for note their greatest hits album.

      2. Correct. I saw them in Greensboro also, they were fantastic. Unless you are a die hard jerk, you are missing an excellent show!

    2. Rocky: Glen’s son Deacon is a great fill in. If you had respect for Glen you shouldn’t judge until you see Deacon keeping his fathers traditions alive.
      And yes the Eagles are an oldies band anyway that’s what makes them an icon. They have been playing over 40 years and still kick ass.

  1. I have been saying forever now…the only stadium dates that would make sense is Kenny Chesney and Jimmy Buffett……maybe the summer of 2019?

  2. I hope they come up with a better method for ticket sales rather than third party brokers buying out the event in 2 minutes the grossly overcharging to resell tickets. I would defiantly go see Jimmy and The Eagles if so.

  3. I would really prefer a Jimmy tour sans The Eagles. I want his full setlist, the whole atmosphere and a more palatable price than a joint tour.

  4. The ultimate concert jimmy buffet and the Eagles please come to the land of oz jimmy it would make the byron bay blues festival the best in the world

  5. PLEASE COME TO NEW JERSEY, ATLANTIC CITY WOULD BE GREAT.. or LAS VEGAS, let us know as as possible.. can’t wait..

  6. I knew the Eagles when house band in Aspen,co. Would die to see them again… But tickets so much , but how about Savannah ?

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