Forbes Article on Escape To Margaritaville

From Forbes: “After A Long Weekend, Jimmy Buffett Kicks Back On Broadway

Break out the cheeseburgers: Jimmy Buffett’s come to Broadway, and business is good.

The 71-year-old entrepreneur saw his long-gestating musical, Escape To Margaritaville, begin previews at the Marquis Theatre this weekend. It grossed nearly $400,000 off just two performances – not bad for a professed beach bum.

It’s got room to grow, though. Taking into account higher-than- average weekend prices, the show is primed to gross over $1 million next week, but not hit its listed potential. Word-of- mouth still needs to spread.

Jukebox musicals, even with a built-in fanbase like Buffett’s, are not that much safer than original properties on Broadway. Some are megahits like Jersey Boys or Beautiful, but plenty fail to turn a profit, including the Marquis’s last tenant, Gloria Estefan’s On Your Feet!.

But Buffett is not one to let a good business opportunity sink – he is, after all, worth about $550 million (a Forbes assessment backed up by recent, quietly savage profile in the New York Times). And according to one of his producers, the theater bar is already setting records for intermission drink sales. Wasting away, indeed.