Buffett talks about Escape to Margaritaville on SiriusXM

Who does a musical hitmaker turn to for advice when attempting to launch a Broadway phenomenon? Well, Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda seems like a pretty good bet these days. Jimmy Buffett, whose Broadway musical ESCAPE TO MARGARITAVILLE debuts this week, did just that by enlisting his friend to give notes on the show as he was developing it. The two hitmakers talked about their friendship and buzzworthy projects during a Town Hall moderated by Justin McElroy on Buffett’s own SiriusXM channel Radio Margaritaville (Ch. 24).

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When picking the theater for his new Broadway show, Jimmy Buffett wanted to make sure his fans could tailgate in New York City. To his delight, the theater is across from a large hotel that allows his fans to, what he calls, Vertically Tailgate for his show.