Buffett’s SOASOAS High Tide tour hits Tulsa

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band’s “Son Of A Son Of A Sailor High Tide Tour” continued last night at the Bok Center in Tulsa OK. The set list from the show is now available.

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4 thoughts to “Buffett’s SOASOAS High Tide tour hits Tulsa”

  1. Watched the show online. Been a huge fan forever, but that ship has sailed. Boring set list. Crowd was out of it. Mike Utley looked miserable. Buffett seemed to be reading the words from a teleprompter. No soul in the show. His music after Fruitcakes reflects this — does not seem real anymore. Going through the motions & collecting more millions. I have no problem with him making money, but Jimmy needs to get back to the basics somehow with his show, and sing what he feels in his heart — and get Fingers back if possible. Plus, Jimmy is a great storyteller (just read his books), but in his shows now, its just some corny rehearsed introduction in to each song. The show was painful to watch — as I love these guys, but the boat ride needs to remain a wonderful memory now instead of trying to relive those great days.

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