Oklahoma Buffett fans fall ill while vacationing in Dominican Republic

From the New York Post: “Oklahoma Jimmy Buffett fans mysteriously fall ill while vacationing in Dominican Republic

A group of Jimmy Buffett-diehards from Oklahoma were sick as hell in paradise — the latest in an ever-growing list of tourists to be sickened during a jaunt to the Dominican Republic, a report said.

Dana Flowers, a travel agent who vacationed to Punta Cana with the Buffett-loving Central Oklahoma Parrothead Association, said that four days into their April trip, he and other members came down with a mysterious illness.

“I can’t even explain how sick I was,” Flowers told Oklahoma’s News 4.

And in no time, he was wasting away, he continued. “Lost 14 pounds during that time and was really sick.”

By the end of the vacation, 47 of the 114 Oklahomans reported becoming ill, Flowers said, with many of them too sick to leave their rooms at the Hotel Riu Palace Macao.

Flowers said it’s unclear what caused the illnesses — Punta Cana doctors suggested a parasite might be to blame.

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  1. Stay out of there until they find out what’s going on and get this under control and actually act like what a government should be doing to protect people visiting their country and their tourism no one should be going there if you do go there you have to be a freaking idiot come to Key West where people actually want you to be safe and having a good time we have a new Margaritaville hotel right at sunset by military Square and we have the original Margaritaville restaurant and club and in November we have the meeting of the minds at the casa Marina Resort The Waldorf Astoria Collection it would be cool if the new Margaritaville hotel did it there but I don’t think they have an open facility big enough to hold three or 4000 people for music but I could see how they could also have a cruise ship for Parrot Head Person I up at the same time at Margaritaville That would make a cool vacation for Parrot heads

    1. And I can totally appreciate that. Sometimes that happens… And Jonathan Parmet ‘s comment actually looked like something I might write. I can actually be a little punctuation-judgey myself… 😉🙄😑

  2. I wouldn’t go there anytime soon, at least not until they figure out what is going on down there. Definitely something very bad. Travel Safe if you do go anywhere these days. There are crazy people out there.

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