Jimmy Buffett adds show in St John’s Newfoundland

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band have added a show at the Holy Heart Theater in St. John’s Newfoundland on Tuesday September 17th. Tickets go on sale July 19th and will be available at evenko.ca.

Buffett’s grandfather JD was a sailor who was born in Rose Blanche Newfoundland, moved to Nova Scotia, and eventually settled in Mobile, Alabama.

8 thoughts to “Jimmy Buffett adds show in St John’s Newfoundland”

    1. Yes, Jimmy, please come to Central Florida – it has been almost 15 months since you played Orlando, and you only do 4 to 6 shows per year in Florida. How dare you waste your time playing in places that are more than an hour drive from where I am.

  1. Wish you would add another night. Unfortunately I didn’t get tickets…..they sold out to quickly…..

  2. Jimmy Buffett , your show was on my bucket list! Unfortunately your show sold out in minutes. There was also a glitch with the ticketing system and very few Newfoundlanders got tickets. They are now selling on stub hub for $700 or more. Unfortunately this price is a little steep for most Newfoundlanders. It would be great if you did another show and only sold tickets at the box office. That way we would have a chance to see you. How about an outdoor concert for free at one of our many parks? That would certainly stop the scalping of the tickets. Anyway I’m so glad that you’re coming here to see where your grandfather came from. Good luck and God bless !

  3. We’re so excited that you are coming to Newfoundland!! You’re top of my bucket list!
    Was lucky to get tickets although high in the balcony.
    Fins up!!!!

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