Buffett’s new Freeman Catamaran

Jimmy Buffett upgraded his 33 foot Freeman catamaran to a custom built 44 foot Freeman with a seafoam green hull. The hull and quad Yamaha 300 outboards were shipped from Freeman’s facility in Summerville, SC to Merritt’s Boat and Engine Works in Pompano Beach, FL.

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41 thoughts to “Buffett’s new Freeman Catamaran”

    1. Jimmy,you would look much better sporting a boat such as mine. SEALARK ,is a custom built motoryacht… one of 3…Built by St Augustine Trawlers in 63, cypress on oak frames…51′ at the waterline,60′ overall…17.5′ beam…

      I’m anchored in the midst of paradise behind Tybee Island, GA… I believe that you landed a float plane in the river where I am anchored a long time ago.

      I’m living the lifestyle you have written and sang about… somebody’s gotta do it😎🌴

        1. What would you do if you had the money? Would you show your face on your comment? Funny how people without money think it’s wrong for anybody to have money. It’s like what your people do when they work hard and earn money, throw it away because everybody doesn’t have the same amount? Don’t be a hater. And no I’m not one with money but that thought process is incomprehensible homeless or billionaire . Go have a margarita and relax, life is only as bad as you let it be. Cheers🍸

  1. All good seas to you Capt. I see that you have put a lot if thought in the design of that hull. Im sure the below deck space is something most people could never imagine or appreciate. Im the guy you DON’T see cruising the coast of Palm Beach & N. Broward. If I ever get a return that brings me up behind you REALLY fast, Don’t stress. Ill give you the blues as I go away. Capt L.E.O. keep the Bow into. 🚤👮🇺🇸⚓

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