Houston and Dallas 2020 Tour Dates Confirmed

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band have added two stops to the 2020 Tour. Tickets for both shows will go on sale on December 13.

Saturday May 16, 2020
Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
The Woodlands, TX

Saturday May 23, 2020
Dos Equis Pavilion
Dallas, TX

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82 thoughts to “Houston and Dallas 2020 Tour Dates Confirmed”

  1. Wish he would have had his Florida dates he canceled at that time instead…now we gotta wait a year😭😭😭 and he didn’t come here last year either.

    1. Those were in 2018 ? It has still been almost 2 years since I’ve seen him in Florida. I believe those dates were in the spring.I feel like they were in 2017 because it has been so long. Either way I wish he would have had his Florida dates sooner instead of having to wait a year and have new dates with the new locations earlier. 😭 just sad

    2. Scott Daley I’ve been to 12 shows, I know they are great, just wish it was sooner since he’s now announcing more dates before our pushed back one 😭

    3. Lisa Marie

      Hey, you work at the Orlando Margaritaville?? 👍
      I saw the grand opening there in ’99, now that was a really good FREE Jimmy Buffett show!

    4. Scott Daley I work at the new resort in Orlando actually not the restaurant. He has been here twice and I’m the biggest parrothead that works there. I missed him both times 😭

  2. So he will be able to perform full concerts in May, yet he can’t honor the concert that were paid for until December next year? This man is quickly turning me off

    1. He wants to do Christmas shows in Florida and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that because he very rarely does Christmas shows, I haven’t seen one since 1999. GTFO pal.

      1. Why are you trying to start a political fight? Let’s just enjoy the music!!! Surely JB is not that stupid. 95% of his audience is “plastic parrot heads”.

    2. Scott Daley I can keep politics and music separate. I also believe other are allowed differing views! This is about taking my money when he knew he wasn’t going to perform a concert and then sell tickets for concerts that will take place prior to him honoring the purchased tickets for shows he didn’t do that he committed to

    3. How long do you think it takes to heal up from a shoulder surgery? LOL you don’t tell Jimmy Buffett what to do. Get used to it.
      He is still committed to the shows and now people have even more time to plan for it. That’s a good thing. You should get tickets!

    4. Well if he can play full concerts in May, he should be playing the shows he took money for before he is booking new dates! There are terms, Fraud and theft to start

    5. It’s a Christmas show and he’s going to be having those Christmas shows at Christmas time. What part of that aren’t you understanding yet? People can get refunds, so there’s no fraud/theft involved. Now you are just slandering Jimmy Buffett on one of Jimmy Buffett’s own sites. LOL typical conservatives.

    6. Scott Daley nowhere did it say Christmas show, it said Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Refer Band! That’s what we paid to see, not a Christmas Pageant as you keep referring to

    7. Scott Daley people CAN’T get refunds unless the show is canceled. It hasn’t been canceled, it’s been postponed for an entire year! Which is bullshit! That’s several hundred dollars we could be using for something else between now and a year!

    8. Something tells me that that guy just likes to get drunk and screw. Like most conservative Jimmy Buffett fans. 😄
      If nobody wants to see a Christmas show, simply don’t go, or get the coins back.. 😊

    9. “All tickets purchased for the original show will be honored on the new date. Fans who are unable to attend the rescheduled show may receive refunds at point of purchase. Jimmy Buffett & The Coral Reefer Band regret the postponement, and they look forward to partying in 2020 in Florida”

      Don’t miss out! I won’t be! 🌸🌴🌺🌞

    10. Scott Daley it’s not bad info, Ticketmaster is refusing refunds at artists request! The show was never cancelled

      As for picking on someone who thinks they could use that money else where, that’s Bs! It doesn’t matter what the economy is like, taking hundreds of dollars from a person, knowing full well you aren’t going to play the show when you put tickets on sale, is a crap thing to do. People can always use money in other places, perhaps to give to a charity this time of year.

      Here I thought you leftists were supposed to be the side of acceptance

    11. I just gave the information for the Amway arena that is giving out refunds if that’s where the people bought their tickets at. Even the parrot head Club is giving refunds, but I doubt anybody wants one.

    12. Scott Daley I purchased from ticketmaster! When you call for refund they say no because the artist has requested no refunds as the show was not cancelled

    13. Scott Daley it’s not being a fair weather fan, it’s wanting what you paid for. If you put for a show and the artist says he can’t perform for a year, he shouldn’t be booking other shows in between. You say you need a year to recover it is BS to perform shows in Texas after you told fans you can’t perform for a year

    14. I just called Ticketmaster for you and found out that they will give a refund for that show since it’s rescheduled for next year. So go ahead. 👍👍
      I’m seriously glad that the fair-weather fans don’t want to go, those seats should be taken by Jimmy’s real fans.

    15. Josh Patten

      Wait a minute, what now? Jimmy Buffett shouldn’t do any more shows until he plays the Tampa shows next December? LOL
      Maybe there’s a lot of fans that couldn’t go to a springtime show this year and they want to go to a show on December. I’m one of them.
      It probably involves a lot of logistics that you would know nothing about. Lots of planning involved in concert tours.

    1. Lindsey Reeves we’ve made wonderful friends from all over the country at Frisco since 2008. We’ve raised funds for cancer patients’ gas cards and for foster children and other causes at the Frisco venue. No opportunity to do so at Dos Equis state fairgrounds

    2. Buffett made a decision a few years back to focus on playing shows that are situated at amphitheaters with true lawn seats. He loves the set up with reserved seats and lawn options. Hence why he hasn’t been (and likely won’t be going back) to Frisco the past few years.

    3. After mishaps with golf carts at Frisco, we heard that the city council decided to ban them at the tailgate. The event got increasingly larger and probably just a nightmare for the city to control.

      It may be that Jimmy cant come to an agreement with the city

    1. Debbie MacDonald I think that was last year and sadly I had to miss it and my guess is he won’t play in Seattle till at least 2021 as key arena is undergoing a major renovation. I find it odd that he doesn’t like playing Vancouver but he has no problem Vacationing in the area as he has hit up Whistler to go snowboarding the last couple winters.

  3. I am assuming that there will be no Frisco again in 2020…that was always my favorite place……does anyone know the story on why he isn’t going there?

  4. Does anybody else think that he may do an impromptu concert in Austin since he has a full week between Houston and Dallas?

  5. Again, Dos Equis Pavilion in Dallas, Texas is not Frisco but I will take what I can get. I loved the venue in Frisco and met so many wonderful people there.😎

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