Buffett is in the studio recording a new album

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band have been at Shrimpboat Sound studio in Key West this week recording a new album. Buffett’s last studio album “Songs From St. Somewhere” was released in 2013.

From Will Kimbrough:

139 thoughts to “Buffett is in the studio recording a new album”

    1. I was in there by chance one time. (2007) Saw a maintenance guy pull up as I was sitting at the Conch Republic bar. I ran over and smoozed myself in for a 10 minute look. no pictures he said. uncharted waters in Parrothead land. Fans aren’t allowed…ever. Holy grail music shrine. It’s like a dorm room. I remember when I left I was shaking in disbelief. I saw Jimmy back when he opened for J.Jeff

  1. I’d love to hear a little more clean sound without all the extras. I sure miss Fingers Taylor too, but whoever did the harmonica on Gulf Coast Girl played right in his style. It would be nice to hear that element in his music again.

    1. Robert Blake of course you are entitled to your opinion. Of course. But you probably should have been able to predict the response you would receive in this forum. And most of us don’t let politics ruin our fun. 🦎 I’m sad for you and what you will likely miss out on.

    2. Robert Blake you’re the one putting your politics ahead of some fun music and good times, don’t expect the rest of us to weep for you, you made your choice so just go.

  2. PLEASE no more Mac McNally pop-country. Get back to reggae, calypso, island, zydeco, acoustic pirate stories with soulful harmonica influences. God, I miss Fingers Taylor. Most music since Fruitcakes has been weak, and we are due for gem.

    1. Libby Childress I know, but there has to be another harmonica player out there to take his place. Listen to all of Jimmys old classic acoustics songs — and you will hear harmonica in all of them. It really gives the songs some soulful depth opposed to just another acoustic ballad.

    2. Glynn Illich totally agree…I miss the “full” sound ..especially on songs like Meet Me in Memphis and a ton of others…harp would would be a welcome addition for sure. 🎶🦈

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