Buffett is in the studio recording a new album

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band have been at Shrimpboat Sound studio in Key West this week recording a new album. Buffett’s last studio album “Songs From St. Somewhere” was released in 2013.

From Will Kimbrough:

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139 thoughts to “Buffett is in the studio recording a new album”

    1. Steven Michael Sweet so long as he stays clear of the stage edges. Was at his concert in Sydney on Australia Day when Jimmy misjudged the edge of the stage when shaking hands then disappeared into the crowd, then ended up at St Vincent’s Hospital!! Apart from the eerie quietness that fell over the audience and forced evacuation from the hall it was a brilliant show. Would love him down here again!

  1. Anyone know when they started? My wife and I were in Key West early last week and actually went to the studio to take a selfie in front of it. It would be hilarious to find out Jimmy was in there recording at the time!

  2. Jimmy, can you swing by the Key West Seafood fest this weekend while your in town? I saw you many years ago when you walked into the Complete Angler in Bimini and played a few songs with the local band.

  3. Can’t wait!!!! We are trying to decide if we want to go to Nashville like we did last year or Charlotte to see him this spring ( both??) and the play will be in Greenville SC too. Gonna be busy with Jimmy. Sure wish I could go to Key West!!!

  4. Hey Jimmy, David here way up in snow packed Spokane Wa. I love your music and your personality. Ate at marg village Vegas ,wit was great! Anyway. I looked up tix for margarita Ville the show (here now) and wow can’t afford that one on disability. Any help here.its my Birthday sunday

  5. Love Will Kimbrough and the songs he wrote for Jimmy in the past. Can’t wait to hear the new callaboration!

    1. Is Jimmy Buffett going to be performing with Will at the 30A songwriters festival does anybody know

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