Buffett appears in Huey Lewis music video

Jimmy Buffett has a cameo appearance in the new music video by Huey Lewis and the News for the song “Her Love Is Killin’ Me”.

Cast in order of appearance: Huey Lewis, John Pierce, Sean Hopper, Jimmy Kimmel, Brandon Flowers, Bill Gibson, Cedric the Entertainer, Jimmy Buffett, Michael Keaton, Yvette Nicole Brown, Rick Sutcliffe, Bruce Bochy, June Lockhart, Sal Iacono, Andy Garcia, Ray Benson, Chris Berman, Topher Grace, Brad Paisley, Marvin McFadden, Johnnie Bamont, Stef Burns, Rob Sudduth, Sean Hayes, Joe Montana, James Harrah, Patrick Warburton, Wendie Malick, and Johnny Colla

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