Jimmy Buffett Chicago 2020

Buffett adds Chicago show to the 2020 tour

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band have announced plans to return to Chicago this summer as part of the 2020 Slack Tide Tour. The show will take place at the United Center on July 18, 2020. It marks the first time he has played at the venue. Tickets for the show go on sale via TicketMaster on Feb 28th, with presales on Feb 26th and 27th.

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85 thoughts to “Buffett adds Chicago show to the 2020 tour”

    1. Unless they do early June or late August. Due to territorial contracts with venues, that is the only way it will happen. I also heard rumors of a Target Field show this summer so…

    1. Tj Higgins he hasn’t played the World in years. He’s been playing Wrigley. He threw in a Toyota Park show a few times along with a show at Northerly Island (Meigs Field)

    1. I don’t think so has there has been no Atlanta or Orange Beach show announced yet. Plus Jimmy will be promoting a new album so he is playing more shows than usual

  1. For those who are upset with the Chicago venue, the 2020 tour schedule includes one indoor show in April, May and now July:

    Thursday April 23, 2020 – Colonial Life Arena – Columbia, SC
    Thursday May 21 2020 AT&T Center San Antonio, TX
    Saturday July 18, 2020 – United Center Chicago, IL.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised that if next year he doesn’t play Notre Damn Stadium. All the greats are playing it now, Garth last year, this year they have Billy Joel, and King George Strait .

  3. Disappointed with the UC choice. I’ve seen Jimmy 25-30 times over the years, ALWAYS at an outdoor venue. I’ve got tickets for String Cheese at Red Rocks for three nights July 17, 18 and 19. Probably won’t be going this year unless he announces Alpine later on. I suspect that they will hold off to sell as many seats as possible at the UC and then maybe book for late August at Alpine. The sell-out crowd last year with the response they gave him would seem like a natural draw for him to return. Ain’t summer without a Buffett concert at Alpine Valley. Fingers crossed.🤞

  4. What the heck is going on Jimmy?

    There is a perfectly good venue open that weekend. That is outside. Alpine Valley. I could swallow another Alpine skip if this was going to be at one of the 5 other outdoor venues in Chicago. Tweeter, North Island, that soccer field that has hosted some great shows, Wrigley, and why the hell out….Soldier Field.

    This is the Midwest. We get a few short months of good weather and Jimmy Buffett….JIMMY BUFFETT!!!!…goes indoors at the United Center? Jimmy…we like rock n roll in the winter and the United Centre would be a great place for a tropical escape in Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, or March. How much fun would a Midwest winter tour be in the winter! The Flip Flops in February Winter Tour 2020. < You can have that one for free. Just let me make the freaking poster. And by the way, get in the damn poster game! You would kill it!

    Before I take a few more shots I want to say I LOVE Jimmy Buffett! IF this was the last show he would ever play I would be there and just keep my damn month shut. And if he adds Pine Knob or a late summer Alpine of course I will be there. As I have been every year for the last 20. 20 years. Incredible. And so many of you have even more impressive Buffett resumes. Those of you can probably relate to what I am about to get mad as hell about.
    FYI….I have been a Buffettnews user dating back to 2000 or 2001…..this is my first post.

    With 54+ shows notched off and 30+ years of buying the Margaritaville brand I want to get this off my chest with the thinnest of hopes Jimmy reads this and makes a change to the way he tours/rolls out dates.

    Why is Jimmy the only tour that rolls dates out like this? Giving us the full tour at once, this will allow us to plan and see more shows. Margaritaville is a brand that strongly encourages travel. And a brand the requires a job to afford. The tour roll out make it so much harder to see Jimmy and to get to travel to great cities to do so. Thanks to Jimmy and well announced tours I have been to so many cities for the first time because I was traveling to see Jimmy. All the cities I got to visit where awesome. But some of them I would have never ever made a stop and would have missed out on fantastic experiences not for Jimmy’s tours.

    Above all else, the tour date roll out over the last several years leave the longtime fans high and dry. Be a good name for this year’s tour. The sluggish role out of tour dates used not to be as much of an issue because Jimmy used to be predictable with tour stops and hard-core fans “knew” when and where he would be.
    Look at last years Alpine. Proof that you don’t need to, and should not, try to drive the entire Midwest market to one spot. Or skip it two years in a row. We can’t handle it Jimmy! For those of you who did not make Alpine 2019 it was oversold to the MAX!!!!!!

    Do you really think that ticket sales would hurt if Jimmy put out all the dates out at once and played Chi, Alpine, Cin, Det, and Indy in a row would hurt? I could make a point sales would improve. I am being a bit extreme with my example. How about this……do you not agree Jimmy would have no issues playing both Chi and Alpine if the one shows was early tour the and 2nd late tour and announcing both at the same time?
    Jimmy, I hope I am not skipping my last chance at seeing you this summer. I am sure I won’t be missed.
    Hope to see you next summer…….outside. Preferable at Alpine.

    1. I want to let you all know…..I caved and got tickets anyway! And Im pretty freaking pumped! Fins up ya All!
      Fingers still crossed for Alpine and or DET!

  5. ANYONE OUT THERE HAVE A PRESALE CODE, FOR JIMMY at the UNITED CENTER, CHICAGO, IL JULY 18, 2020? Presale is tomorrow at 10:00 am.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Sincerely, Gina🌴🎼🌴🎼

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